Happiest Baby

Consumer Electronics

Happiest Baby is the world leader in solving top parent concerns using high-tech and science!

Our flagship IoT baby bed, SNOO Smart Sleeper, solves the #1 new parent struggle: Exhaustion! It “hears” fussing and instantly responds with womb-like white noise + motion (proprietary algorithm) adding hours to a baby’s sleep and calming most crying in seconds. SNOO also prevents risky rolling, a top cause of 3700 infant sleep deaths/yr. Our App tracks sleep and lets parents customize SNOO to their baby’s unique preferences. We value curiosity and big ideas. We roll up our sleeves, get things done and have fun along the way! Funded by top VCs, we’re a small start-up…with HUGE goals:
-Help millions of families worldwide
-Create the world’s largest data set on infants
-Release cutting-edge, connected products based on Dr. Karp’s insights into child neurodevelopment
-Dominate the multi-billion-dollar market for smart parenting devices.



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