The best-paying IT jobs in Serbia in 2021

Following European and world trends when it comes to the development of technology, Serbia has experienced a great boom in the IT industry over the past few years. With a special emphasis on 2019 and 2020, during which many jobs were threatened, it seems that one of the few industries that have experienced quite the opposite – prosperity and demand for this staff is greater than ever before.
Many global surveys show a large increase in interest in different technologies and programming languages, as well as a higher number of open positions, providing a better overview of the market, as well as insight into some of the highest paid jobs within the IT industry.
When it comes to Serbia, such research was conducted by the leading platform for the IT industry HelloWorld, collecting data from all cities and seniorities of employees in companies during the previous year. The research lists several factors that are key when it comes to the number of earnings, such as location, seniority, and of course, the complexity of the technology itself.
Considering all the above criteria, a list of the Top 5 highest-paid positions in the IT industry in Serbia in 2021 has been compiled:
Technical Lead with an average salary of €2,520
A technical lead is an experienced software engineer who helps a development team create new projects, and apply technical changes to it with minimal risk, all to achieve the company goals. If you aim to be successful as a technical lead, you will need a strong software development background.
Delivery Manager with an average salary of €2,300
A delivery manager facilitates the timely production of software and other computer products through the effective management of team members and work schedules. They clear any impediments that may slow down their team’s progress on a project and set the timelines on which products will be delivered.
Solution Architect with an average salary of €2,258
A solution architect is responsible for evaluating an organization’s business needs and determining how IT can support those needs leveraging software, hardware, or infrastructure.
Software Architect with an average salary of €2,244
A software architect makes high-level design choices and frame technical standards. This might include tools, software coding standards, or platforms to be used. To be effective, a Software Architect needs broad (and deep) technical knowledge to make good decisions.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with an average salary of 2,029
The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the individual within an organization who oversees the current technology and creates relevant policy. A CTO should have the business knowledge necessary to align technology-related decisions with the organization’s goals.
Despite of the accuracy of the mentioned data, exceptions can still be found, again, depending on a series of factors (total budget of the company or internal importance of a particular role). Having this in mind, along with the constant and rapid growth of the industry, we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that the highest paid position in the IT industry in Serbia is a Software Engineer, with a €7,500 salary (Belgrade), while in Novi Sad we can find a Software Developer with a €3,000 net salary.  However, if all the criteria are on the right place (knowledge, budget, location), HelloWorld’s Top 5 best paying IT jobs in Serbia list gives us a credible and valuable insight into the current IT trends in Serbia.  

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