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We use proven methodologies
that bring BIG results

BPS World Group is focused on delivering a range of talent solutions to the engineering, IT and gaming sectors for clients in 30+ countries. Our international structure allows us to deliver a seamless service experience for multinational organisations wherever stakeholders are based and allows us to work within your preferred geographic, legal, and time zones.

We provide HR leaders with a competitive advantage in the ability to attract, recruit and retain the right people. Our unique approach creates cost and time efficiencies at scale.



We use proven methodologies to get the best understanding of our clients’ needs and their company cultures, all in order to deliver the highest quality hirees. 

Every Client gets a dedicated account manager that fully understands their requirements and is working as a partner in their recruitment process.



We internally cross-check and match eligible candidates with job specifications based on their skills, business performance, expectations, and desires.

Throughout this process, the Client receives feedback in real-time via our specially designed assessment reports, which help them better understand how well they stack in the current market.


People Hiring

As candidates progress through stages, we impartially and professionally gather feedback, making sure that both our Client, and the candidate, make the best-informed decisions.

Only the most worthy candidates make way to your HR department for you to make a decision and finalize the circle.



We charge a success fee as a one-off payment per vacancy filled. The fee structure can be influenced by the stack size, requested seniority, candidates’ annual salary or a number of positions received.

If things, for any reason, do not work out in the new workplace, we offer a refund on the fees paid, alongside the replacement options.

From finding to recruiting people

BPS recruitment agency got your back at every stage of the recruitment process and beyond.

People Recruitment

The core business of BPS World is tackling the intricacies of recruiting high-level talent by incorporating an integrated approach that combines top-level expertise, expansive in-house talent databases, and a couple of secret ingredients. Our company provides and leads the entire recruitment journey, ranging from research and brand positioning, talent sourcing, and, ultimately, the hire.


Interpreting talent behaviors and understanding the way they seek and engage with employment opportunities is what modern recruitment is all about. At our recruitment agency, we are incorporating a novel survey sampling methodology that helps us uncover the industry-specific knowledge necessary for making better matches between candidates and our clients.


We help companies get a firmer grasp on their HR practices through a series of highly targeted training modules we developed over the years. These on-site coaching sessions, among other topics, provide clients with knowledge on how to target and approach a candidate, how to module a hiring process, increase retention, match candidate’s expectations with company values, and much more.


Our consulting services are designed to help foreign entities interested in investing in Serbia better understand Serbian business environment. We are fully equipped to support young business from legal, tax, financial, and the HR standpoint, everything from devising initial business plan, foundation of the company, submitting tax papers, finding suitable working space to putting people to work.

Since it’s foundation in 2017, BPS World Serbia has managed to build a portfolio of more than 30 IT clients among which are 4 out of 10 of the biggest game-development companies in the world.


Our team has, so far, successfully placed hundreds of IT candidates for numerous game and software development projects meanwhile mastering ins and outs of IT industry recruitment, both in Serbia and globally.

We have successfully sourced IT and Gaming professionals across Europe, Asia, and North America

We’ve Mastered Every Kind of Code

Having worked with many trusted IT company relationships, our consultants have the capacity to recruit for a range positions anywhere around the globe. We excel at performing full life-cycle recruitment screening and interviewing candidates with focus on their technical fit for your position.

We Always
1UP Our Game

Video game production is an elaborate undertaking which requires skilled employees in the domains of art, design, programming or production. We work with them all. BPS headhunts for niche industry clients of all sizes, ranging from small indie studios to AAA gaming studio clusters managed by the leaders in our industry.