About Us

BPS World Group is focused on delivering a range of talent solutions to the engineering, IT and gaming sectors for clients in 30+ countries. Our international structure allows us to deliver a seamless service experience for multinational organisations wherever stakeholders are based and allows us to work within your preferred geographic, legal, and time zones.

On a more personal note, we are proud of our people and family culture! We like challenges and being surrounded by hard-working, responsible, superhero people. And a cat. And 2 turtles. And a beautiful house in the centre of the city.


The way we do quality work – sit, learn, work, eat sweets, and have fun. Those are our superpowers! We communicate a lot so we can understand and support each other and create the atmosphere that we want to be enjoyable for everyone. Our job tends to get stressful and very dynamic, so when that overwhelms us, we play PlayStation, eat cakes, laugh a lot, and then start all over again. Whatever we do, we do it together.



Palmotićeva 16

11102 Belgrade (Stari Grad)


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